Doctor’s Office

Several months ago I promised my kids that I would not only go to a doctor for a check-up, but that I would also follow up on any of the routine tests the doctor ordered – colonoscopy, mammogram, etc.  So this was the week to get the ball rolling.

On Monday I saw the dermatologist who flash froze some things on my face with a device that looked like something my husband might use for welding.  The doctor represents a line of products that plump wrinkles, moisturize skin and lighten old-lady brown spots. She did manage to sell me on that last one – a lightening serum for $114.  I haven’t noticed any changes yet.

Today I went to the internist – a new doctor.  I don’t know why doctors make me so nervous, but the minute I step into a doctor’s office, my blood pressure goes up.  I made it through the preliminaries – weight (fine), height (I’ve shrunk a half inch or so), blood pressure (surprisingly normal) with no problems.  But then I had to sit there for at least 15 minutes waiting for the doctor.  I read for a few minutes, but couldn’t concentrate, so I checked my email and ended up just staring at the door, willing the doctor to show up so I could get this over with!

The young lady that walked through the door, my new doctor, was about the same age as my oldest son.  She had a long pony tail and friendly face.  She sat down and asked me lots of questions in the most comforting way, showing a genuine interest in me.  She didn’t give me a hard time for all of the tests I haven’t had for years, or never, and gently talked me into doing all of them.  By the time I left, I was signed up for everything and feeling good about it.

Now I just need to follow through…I can do this!


6 thoughts on “Doctor’s Office”

  1. I’m having trouble finding your pieces on the SOL site, so sometimes I am looking up your blog.
    Anyway, glad to be catching up with this piece. Good description of that vague anxiety. When you described your young doctor, I didn’t expect you to express the confidence she inspired- so glad it turned out that way.


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