Drip Drip

The sound – drip, drip – slowly enters my brain.

It’s the end of a hectic day.  I have just settled in with a cup of hot tea to do the crossword puzzle, lulled into a state of relaxation by the quiet hum of the dishwasher running in the background.

But the drip, drip persists and strikes a discordant note.

I drag myself out of the chair and go to the kitchen to take a look.  Panic sets in as soon as I see the water all over the wood floor – the steamy water streams from under the dishwasher door.  I turn the dishwasher off and set it to “Cancel/Drain” and run all over the house collecting every spare towel I can find to sop up the mess.  But the “drip, drip” continues like a bad dream.

The basement! I run down the stairs to find water dripping from the rafters – a veritable rain forest, complete with the smell of damp wood and humidity that makes my hair frizz up in seconds.

I race back upstairs to call my husband, my savior in these situations, and realize the water is still streaming from under the dishwasher door.  When I open the machine, I see water pouring into the dishwasher from the side, unabated.

My husband talks me through shutting off the valve under the sink, but the water still pours in.  Then he talks me through shutting the water off to the house.  He is calm, he knows how to handle my panic.  I know he will be home as soon as he can be – my knight in shining armor.  He will know how to clean up this mess and what to do next.  As always…


6 thoughts on “Drip Drip”

  1. Ugh. Your post gives me flashbacks! Our dishwasher also did a drain out the front door move last fall. It was the opposite of fun, but this makes me appreciate the fact that the STOP IT button worked and no more water poured in after my panicked jabs at it. Good luck.

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  2. Oh no! I knew from the first “drip, drip” that this would be bad. There isn’t ever a good dripping sound. I wish I could say I haven’t been there too, but I have. Once when our dishwasher broke and once again when we replaced it. Water…it’s a tricky devil. I hope all is well again for you!


  3. I am so sorry fo your true story, but as a reader I have to tell you how I enjoyed your build-up of alarm. From deciding you have to leave your tea and puzzle to investigate to trying one more thing and one more thing and STILL the water is coming. Bad day, good post.


  4. I especially like the tone of your piece. It starts with tea and the puzzle, so calm. It moves to the drip-drip trouble. I especially liked how the first solution didn’t work and you had to keep trying. Such perseverence. So glad you have a knight to help!!


  5. Ruh-roh. Been there. Especially loved the very accurate description: “a veritable rain forest, complete with the smell of damp wood and humidity that makes my hair frizz up in seconds.” I’ll remember this the next time…
    Thanks for the slice!


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