Got Mail?

The Italian leather shoes came in a shoebox befitting the well-crafted shoes.  A shoebox worthy of transformation into a mailbox.  You know, the kind kids make to receive Valentine’s cards.

Using an Xacto knife and straightedge, I cut out an opening large enough for a business envelope.  With a brand new, juicy-purple tipped Sharpie, I wrote “Lemon’s Mailbox” on the sides of the box.  A fresh berry-red Sharpie was perfect for drawing oodles of bright red hearts.

I made cards for Lemon (almost 3 years old) and her sister, Peanut (7 months old).  My inner child was thriving as I folded construction paper to create pop-up hearts.  I collected all kinds of things from my stash: stickers, colorful papers, real stamps, envelopes, crayons, etc. and put them in a gold mesh bag that I had been saving for just such an occasion.  I dropped all of these things into the mail slot, relishing the gratifying thud they made as they hit cardboard.

During nap time yesterday, I snuck across the street and put the mailbox on Lemon’s front porch – for her to discover later.  (Yes, my grandchildren live across the street.)

Today I heard my brass mail slot rattling – too early for the mail.  It was a thank you card from Lemon.  A little later, I saw that the coast was clear, and tip-toed over to drop in Minnie Mouse cards for the two girls along with a bouquet of daffodils from my garden.

When I got back from running an errand, I found two chocolate chip muffins at my door step.  Lemon’s been baking with her mama today.

I’m busy planning more deliveries.

Such fun.

9 thoughts on “Got Mail?”

  1. Oh, I love this! How wonderful that Peanut and Lemon (I also respect your respect for their privacy!) get their creative grandmother right across the street. This is the stuff of forever relationships. Beautiful.

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    1. The story behind the aliases: My son and daughter-in-law didn’t want to know the sex of their kids ahead of time, so they took to calling them “Lemon” and “Peanut”. Though we mostly call the girls by their given names, we still resort to Lemon and Peanut once in a while. Lemon, especially, has lots of lemon-themed clothes, including a lemon bathing suit I just bought for her:))

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  2. I love the sneaking back and forth!! So glad you captured this moment in a slice. Years from now, it will be fun to reread it together!! I also love how you are providing opportunities for Lemon to be a writer!! Never too early to start sending thank you notes!!

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