Laziness – looking out the window

Lemon has finally gone to sleep and I don’t quite know what to do with myself.  I finished reading Educated last night and need more time to process it before beginning another book.   The tennis match I wanted to watch is not on due to a rain delay down in Miami.  I’ve finished today’s crossword puzzle and the Sudoku

I sit in the Eames chair staring out into the bright sunshine.  The two contractors up on the roof across the alley, have put on their jackets in synchronized fashion – we can almost hear the beat.  It must be time to call it quits.  A few doors down from me another construction crew is at work building a tower of sorts above a garage.  It looks like it will tumble over in the next strong wind gust.

The leaves on the hedge separating my house from the neighbor’s ripple in the wind, sending shivers from one leaf to the next.  The birds are busy in the hedge – probably building nests again.

The deck, visible through the French doors, shows signs of Lemon.  There is a pile of rocks in one corner that she has ferried from one corner of the yard, up the steps to their current location, one or two at a time.  They will have to go back at some point.  Her beloved stick collection sits nearby.

I’m still not quite sure what to do with myself  and my utter laziness – must be time for a cup of tea.

3 thoughts on “Laziness – looking out the window”

  1. Does writing a slice count as not-lazy? I think so :). We should daydream more. I enjoyed thinking about the birds in the bushes and what they are up to, alongside Lemon’s sticks and rocks. Some parallel activity there? It might not seem like much but its a very sweet post.

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